Generally, when we see that the air conditioning does not cool we tend to think that the problem lies in the lack of gas, we mistakenly think that the gas in an air conditioning must be changed, replaced or recharged from time to time.

However, there are times when this thought is quite incorrect since if the air conditioning installation is well done and no pipes have been broken by friction, vibrations, etc., the gas should not be lost and could remain inside the machine. and installation for years.

For these cases, it is important to observe in general each of the possible factors that make our air conditioning unit not cool and discard one by one. Guisan brings you a simplified guide of possible reasons why this happens:

Gas leak

This is one of the most common possibilities of why the window air conditioner does not cool. Although it is equally valid for split or duct air conditioners, the gas leak can be or can be found in 3 parts of our air conditioning, in the refrigeration installation (copper pipes and connections/welds), in the outdoor unit or in the unit interior, the first being the most common for units that have been installed for a short time and the last two for units that have been installed for a longer time.

Dirty filters

Many people forget that keeping some filters clean is essential not only for the correct operation of the unit but also to reduce consumption, not to force the operation of the machine and maintain a cleaner environment since these are in charge of filter the air in our home.

Dirty indoor fan

Another problem although much less common is the accumulation of dirt in the fan (impeller) of the indoor unit, this problem usually occurs with much more virulence in the only cold units and less in the heat pump units, it is also more common in Smoking environments, factories or premises where sprays such as lacquers or paints are used since they help fix dirt, this cleaning is a very easy way to fix an air conditioning that does not cool if you forget to do it, since It may be that your problem if your air gets too cold.

Dirty interior or exterior exchanger

If we have talked about the importance of keeping clean filters in our air conditioning for its correct operation, the same or more important thing is to keep the exchangers clean, since that is how its name indicates where the exchange of cold or heat occurs and is a fundamental part of our air conditioning equipment, all window, splits or duct air conditioning units have two heat exchangers, one inside (internal heat exchanger) and the other outdoors (external heat exchanger) although in window air conditioning units it may not seem that the two are together in the same unit.

Starting capacitor

The starting capacitor is in charge of giving the necessary current to the motors of our air conditioning equipment so that they can start, generally, these equipment have 3 motors, the motor of the external fan, the motor of the internal fan, and the compressor and of 2 or 3 capacitors.

Other possible factors

With the proliferation of inverter air conditioners, many of the equipment breakdowns are related to electronic boards, making it rather difficult for someone who does not have the necessary training to determine and repair the fault, so it is always advisable to contact the official technical service. for you to find out and solve the problem since the current units in their electronics part have become quite complex.