The installation of an air conditioner implies an important and necessary expense for our home or company. Therefore, we must treat it consistently to enjoy its services for much longer.

Our air conditioning device will become an indispensable tool to promote our comfort in the home or business and maximize the performance of the latter. Therefore, taking care of it with care to promote its maximum use until the end should be a primary objective.

Regardless of the model or size of your AC unit, you expect it to last for years. The life expectancy of your AC unit will depend on the model. However, it has to do more than anything with the maintenance and care it receives.

It all depends on the use and weather that the equipment must withstand, but, as a rule, the life of an air conditioner ranges between 8 and 15 years. In Guisan, as experts in air-conditioning of spaces, we offer five tips to increase the life of your air conditioning:

  1. Clean the unit regularly

As obvious as might seem, many users tend to clean very little air conditioning units and this is a big mistake since they tend to get very dirty just because they are out of the house.

The cleaning of both units, internal and external, will keep working in an optimal way. Not only will they work properly, but many breakdowns will also be avoided.

  1. Give your air conditioning a rest

When ACs are used constantly, they tend to wear out faster. It is important to turn it off if you plan to leave the house for a long time. You can set the thermostat to a minimum temperature that allows the unit to stay on but without cooling the air. However, starting the appliance with the thermostat too low is a mistake. The machinery suffers and greatly increases the expense. Installing awnings and changing windows help the air conditioner be used fewer hours a day

You can also turn up the thermostat at night. Both techniques will help prolong the life of your system because it will not be on all day without rest. If you are going to stay in the place, of course, it is better to keep the air conditioner on, although at an average temperature, creating a progressive decrease in temperature.

  1. Regulate the temperature

Choosing the type of device and its power well will prevent the air conditioner from making an unnecessary effort. Therefore, we must calculate the meters to be heated and thus find the right device for it. Choosing a device with low power will make the one who has to work harder to cool the entire space and will break down sooner. Although, if we already have the right power, you should pay close attention when adjusting the temperature.

Avoid abusing the air conditioner by setting a temperature that does not differ from the outside by more than 10 degrees. Ideally, it should be set between 21 and 25 degrees. In this way, you will be able to prolong the life of your cooling system.

  1. Allow air to circulate

Your AC unit works by pumping cold air to your home or office, so adequate circulation is necessary for the air conditioner to operate efficiently. It is important to remove any obstruction of the air grilles of the space that you cohabit.

Your system will not have to work too hard to circulate the air through your house if all the grilles are open and unobstructed, which allows it to circulate freely.

  1. Do an annual review

Making adjustments or checking the AC is very important when we talk about extending the life of the unit. Regular adjustments will keep your system in excellent condition and help you prevent problems.

Maintenance is recommended at least once a year. But if you can, it is more optimal per season: cold or hot. That is twice a year. This way we ensure proper operation every time the equipment’s operating season begins.