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We rarely pay attention to our air conditioning systems, until a problem arises. Imagine that your air conditioner stops working just in the summer when HVAC technicians are busier. You would probably spend days bearing the intense and suffocating heat at home.

Of course, repairs are less expensive than installing a new heating and air conditioning system, but the cost of an old heating and air conditioning system can continue with periodic repairs and inefficient operation.

So when should you finally make the call to replace your heating and air conditioning system? How old is your heating and AC system? Hopefully, you may have information on when all the components of your heating and air conditioning system were installed.

– Age of product

If your unit is already 10-14 years old, it is common for these systems to start to fail in terms of efficiency. We know that technology is advancing very fast and now there are more modern types of equipment, and it is likely that the repair of your air conditioning will be more expensive due to the difficulty in obtaining certain parts, or that even the parts are discontinued, therefore it will be better to consider buying a new one.

– Refrigerant

A refrigerant gas leak is one of the most common problems when repairing air conditioning. The solution is not only to supply gas to the appliance but also to repair those faults that trigger the problem. A licensed technician will be able to seal leaks, check proper operation, and then supply gas to the equipment. However, sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new air conditioner than to buy new parts, and in that case, it is convenient to take into account that the new air conditioners use a more eco-friendly type of refrigerant so it would be a “win-win” situation.

– Power bill

High bills could be the result of faulty machinery. An inefficient air conditioning system operates more frequently while using more electricity without adequately cooling the home. Many utility companies provide comparative tables of how their bills have changed month to month and year to year. Often, they also provide an average temperature for each day of the month, data that can help you identify if changes to your bill are related to outside temperature or something else. Newer refrigeration systems will also tend to be more energy-efficient than previous models. Investing in a system with an energy-saving system could bring you dividends in the future.

But if it keeps failing…

Whether your system has reached the end of its useful life or not, having several serious repairs consecutively indicates that the system has reached the end of its functionality. Remember that systems last only as long as they are well maintained, and some simply won’t last as long as others.

People whose air conditioners are located near windows or in the yard can benefit from the new and quieter air conditioners being built today. If you have already fixed a problem but it keeps failing, it is better to reduce your losses and replace your unit.

It is important to be aware of each of these factors and keep their environments and spaces fit and prepared, not only for the seasons that require their use but also for those in which it is essential to have reliable and safe equipment. You may contact us by phone or mail for further helpful information.