The good weather arrives and the heating gives way to the air conditioning. It seems that with the good weather and the rising hours of sunshine, you will less turn on the light and save on the bill. A false belief that can be counterproductive if efficient and responsible use of air conditioning is not made in summer

To establish average consumption and be aware of the expense involved, you must know how much the device actually consumes. For example, if your air conditioner has an electrical power of 2000W every hour (2 kW per hour), it means that every hour that the appliance is cooling at full power, it will consume 2000 W.

The air conditioning is a perfect tool to be comfortable at home, not suffer from heatstroke and benefit from today’s technology. However, not making efficient and responsible use of it, can have a negative impact on our health, because the worst colds are caught by excess air conditioning and in our pocket.

Below, we have prepared a list for which you take note of how to save and make efficient use of the air conditioner:

  1. First, choose an efficient device. All appliances have an identification label indicating the degree of efficiency it has. The letter A, accompanied by “+” and the color green, is indicative of an energy-efficient device. Acquiring an efficient appliance saves 40% on energy consumption.
  2. Install the devices as far away from direct sunlight as possible. If the sun constantly gives you it can not only damage the system, but it will cost you more to function and therefore consume more.
  3. Set the device at a medium temperature. The thermostat should be set at 24 degrees, however, the body must adapt to the Summer temperature, and you should go with lighter clothes and set the thermostat at 26 degrees. You should know that the maximum difference between the temperature outside and inside must be 12 degrees. Every degree of difference you put, you will consume 8% more energy.
  4. If you have it, install the Eco mode, as it allows you to reduce consumption by 30%.
  5. Avoid putting it at night. Also if you have a special mode of lower consumption, it is better to lie down when it is fresh and turn it off. Open the windows to make current and reduce many hours of consumption.
  6. Insulate your home. Good insulation maintains the indoor temperature. At night, open windows and shutters, letting the air in, and in the morning, when the sun goes down, lower the blinds to keep the indoor temperature and prevent it from heating.
  7. Clean the device regularly. The air filters, when they are dirty, force the unit to consume more energy than usual to be able to cool.