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Follow the steps and get a free consultation call with one of our experts, to address any concerns you may have about the service, and tell us about your issues and needs!

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We will arrange a call with you and be in touch as soon as possible to address any concern or questions you may have about the service and get a first impression of your needs.

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Once we have spoken and get an idea of your needs, a technician will visit you to diagnose the situation and get a closer look to your HVAC equipement

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We have learned and gained enough experience at this point to diagnose fast, work efficiently and leave excellent results.

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We know how important your HVAC equipment is and we are dedicated to giving you the best treatment and care while we work. 

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Aiming to offer a top of the line customer service, Guisan experts continue to renew training every year…

Have any questions?

Is there a fee for a visit/repair estimate?

Yes, it is an AC Diagnostic fee for service calls made between the hours of 5am – 10 pm for Miami Dade county residents, which is $65. For Broward County residents the AC Diagnostic fee is $125 between the hours of 5 a.m- 8 p.m. However the service call fee can be waived with repairs

Do you Offer Financing?

Yes, we offer 100% Financing with Synchrony bank with no down payment and until paid off.

I am a tenant and would like to have repairs done on my unit, but my landlord is responsible for the bill. Can you do the repairs and bill my landlord later?

Unfortunately, we cannot do any repairs nor AC Diagnostic until we are in contact with the landlord for approval. Once we have come to terms of agreement with your landlord and have his billing information then we can proceed with your repairs.

Do you Install all Air Conditioning Brands?

Yes, we install all air conditioning brands. However, Our top Air Conditioning seller in Miami dade county area is Franklin and Goodman AC System. Why? Because Franklin gives 10 years warranty on all parts by manufacturer and 10 year labor warranty by us and manufacturer. And Goodman AC units works with everyone’s Budget and it is efficient. Although we try our best to accommodate and respect everyone’s budget on a new AC system. Some people cannot afford other brands or the warranty is not worth it.

How do I know if I should replace or repair my unit?

If your AC unit is more than 10 years old and requires repairs that are more than $600, then we highly recommend replacing your AC unit. Why? Air conditioning systems do not last a lifetime no matter how well you maintain it. Every 10 years your AC is to depreciated and no longer have warranty. It can happen sooner of course if you do not perform its proper maintenance. Therefore, if you repair your AC knowing it is more than 10 years old then you are only resolving a temporary issue and you will throw your money away because it will break down again. It is best to purchase or finance a brand new system to save you a lot of money on repairs and re obtain 10 year warranty on all parts. If your unit is newer and the repairs guarantee that the unit will work efficiently for a long period of time, then we recommend that you go with the repairs rather than a new system.